Register as a Certified Inspector

    Apply online to become a registered Inspector.

    Get notified when a Certificate of Compliance is needed

    When we receive a request for a Certificate of Compliance in your area, we will send you a request.

    Get Paid when the property is transferred

    When the certificate is issued and the property is transferred you will receive your money.

    Guaranteed work

    You are guaranteed to receive work when you comply to our standards

    Guaranteed Payment

    When the property is transferred you will receive your money.

    Step 1:

    Complete the online application form.

    Step 2:

    Submit the online form.

    Step 3:

    After the application form has been checked, you will receive a comfirmation email to indicate that your details has been loaded onto our database.

    Be on time for your appointments

    We don't want our clients to wait for an Inspector, especially if they are taking off from work to be at the property.

    Be Proffessional

    We will build a feedback portfolio for each and every Inspector that we send out.

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