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The first step to taking care of your loved ones after you are gone.


A will not only takes care of your loved ones after you are gone, but will let you rest in peace.

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This is a fun tool to play around with to graphically see what your retirement plan should look like.

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FRANKLIN is an organisation that makes use of industry professionals to help people manage their legal and financial needs.

We offer advice on:

    Business law, protects your patents, copyrights and enforces contracts. There are several laws that can have consequences if a business owner ignores them. Whether you need advice with a start-up or contracts for your employees, we do it all.
    We provide estate planning, drafting of wills and offer assistance with the duties of an executor. Succession Planning is directed around the death of a client and seeks to ensure that succession takes place in a way that minimises taxes and costs and provide for the income requirements of the beneficiaries.
    We provide retirement planning, Investment planning and risk planning for those who are serious about their future and want to plan for their future.
    Whether you are going through a divorce or need advice on legal matters, we will gladly offer our guidance and services. We assist clients with pension claims after they have gone through a divorce and also before they start the process.
    Whether you want to buy your first property or you are just looking for advice on the transfer of a property, we have over 30 years experience when it comes to property.

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